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ADOPTED - Apolla

Height:​ About 15h

Age: ~12-15

Sex: Mare

Color/Breed: Paint

Adoption Fee: TBD

Category: Light Riding Horse

Meet Apolla

Apolla LOVES to sunbathe. This beautiful paint mare will spend half the day enjoying the sun and the other half rolling in a nice dust bath. She is easy to handle, calm, ties, super easy to catch and loves to please. Great with the farrier. Additionally, great with other horses. Use to dogs, birds, tractors, cows and various other distractions. She is not spooky, nor herd bound. She does have a popped knee and in so isn't a good fit for a hard riding career. She would be suited for the occasional stroll through the neighborhood or packing kids around the yard on a leadline. 


She is naturally forward, so she needs a confident rider who will allow her to walk out. We hope to find her a home that will keep her as a companion, even if her riding career is limited. 

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