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Available Sponsorships 

Sponsoring a sanctuary animal is a great way to save a life or lives when you or the rescued soul is not ready for adoption. The sweet souls on this page are for one reason or another difficult to place for adoption. With your help The B.A.R.N. can ensure they have a safe, loving and fulfilling life.  So don't stop here! Scroll down to find a friend, or two, or three. We don't judge. Then visit the DONATIONS page by clicking on the heart to become a Sponsor today. 



I'm a 36 year old donkey who needs stable mix senior pellets. I was owner surrendered. My f



Annie loves scratches and to be loved on. Born on a cattle ranch but became orphaned when her mother died during her birth. We were given her to bottle feed as milk replacement cost too much for the rancher to supplement.



I'm a 30+ year old pony. That's right! I look great for my age. I was turned over to the Humane Society on the one day owners are allowed to turn horses over no questions asked. After that i made my way to the B.A.R.N. I am in need of pellets for my main source of food, as I am old and unable to eat hay due to my aging teeth.


I'm a very sweet 43 year old mini donkey, who currently needs special pellets for my meals.  



I'm a donkey trying to live her best life. 

Likes: When my friends help me reach itches on my face. 


Yes, I'm a mare with one eye, but I have a full heart. Angel was in a kill pen in Texas. We rescued her from the slaughter pipeline. She had cancer in that one eye & therefore it was removed by UC Davis immediately upon her arrival here with us. She is currently cancer free.



Likes: Senior Pellets, Alfalfa & Scratches

I arrived here six years ago. I was used extensively as a pack horse to the point my knee popped. It is so bad that I will live out my days at the B.A.R.N. I require special shoes along with anti-inflammatory medication. 


Ferrel Kitties

Sponsor our feral kitties by buying cat food off of our Amazon Wish list 

Skip & Rosie

37-year old donkeys. We were surrendered by our owners. Your donation of pellets would go a long way. 

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